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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

You are here (on this planet, in your town, on this website) for a reason.  Maybe for a mission, but definitely for an experience.

There are no accidents - the places you are led to go, and the people you experience life with all serve a purpose.

Do you know how powerful you are?

Here's a fun and easy way to re-member who you are:  

Place your hand and your awareness on your heart and take three deep breaths ~

in thru the nose, out thru the mouth.  

1   .....  2   .....  3   .....

This is how you connect with your-Self.

Now as you continue thru my website I would like you to pay attention to how you feel.  

Are you feeling joyful?  Experiencing goosebumps?  Do you sense a warmness in your chest or maybe it's just a simple knowing.   

This is you powerfully communicating with you!  And these are all tell-tale signs that you're on to something good, that you're on the right track for your highest evolution at this time.  

I don't want to try to convince you to see me, I want you to feel it.  If it serves you to work with me, you will know it by listening to the messages you are sending you thru your body.

This is where you would normally see a string of certifications, attunements, and activations that I have been trained in and that I offer you, and yes, I have received Master training in Reike while dabbling in other modalities.  But the certificates could not begin to describe what I really offer my clients, because these are simply tools in my toolbox.   

Every session is different because you are different... a one of a kind, unique aspect of source energy. 

To follow only one particular technique or to put a specific label on what I do, would be dishonoring of me and my mastery and you and your mastery.  

Each session is specially attuned to You because, in your most expanded state, you are guiding it!  

I work from a quantum, multidimensional healing modality straight from Source Creator that attunes itself to be exactly what you need. 

I work intuitively with you, your soul and the higher realms to facilitate deep clearing, healing, and activating of the body on all 

levels ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

No matter the specifics of what I am guided to do, in every session we are magnetizing and activating your unique source signature, your "I AM" 

We are clearing and activating a path to bring you into the highest alignment with your soul signature and blueprint.

It is my joy to work with you as you re-member who you truly are....of knowing who you are, and to facilitate you stepping into your Power, into your Mastery, into your connection with Source.

Are you ready?  I AM   

I look forward to working with you.

With love from my heart to yours, Bridgette

Conscious Expansion.....

This work is not only about raising your vibration, it's also about expanding into  more of you and your unique soulfulness.  

It's about clearing and peeling off the layers and programs of this and other lifetimes, while feeling more balance in your energetic body so you get to experience the central core of you!  It's about guiding you back to the magic of the present moment as we work together to bring you back to the realization of your whole-ness.  True Spirit in human form.  

Self ~ Love.....

And it all begins with self-love....  

A dedication to your own wellbeing, your true happiness! Accepting and loving you, all of you.  Knowing you're perfect just the way you are right now and that there's always more available to you if you choose it.  Embrace the change.  We are here to Experience.  Nothing more, nothing less.  So lets stop the [self] judgment and make it the best experience yet shall we?


Are you ready to let go of the old, fear based patterns and limiting beliefs and start living a heart centered, conscious life? 
Heaven on Earth is just have to Choose it!  
Let me assist you in scrubbing your sub-conscious clean and stepping into the creator being that you are!
              Divine HU'man realized.

Common Benefits
~ Adapts to needs of recipient   Relaxes and reduces stress   Promotes personal awareness   Helps meditative states Promotes the release of emotions such as grief, anger, depression & anxiety  ~ Aids in removing toxins   Relieves pain and discomfor Aids better sleep   Assists in feeling more connected with the true Self/Soul, also known as the I AM presence  
Aids in feeling more empowered and grounded in the body  Produces a feeling of mental clarity, calmness & well-being