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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

Back in 2012 I was not a very happy person internally. On the outside I had at all. Active lifestyle, friends, a job I loved, great husband, house ownership, healthy eating habits.... you know, all the things society tells you to have to be happy. But I wasn't. I was depressed, disconnected, felt like I had no true direction,  bogged down by life and suffered from insomnia and anxiety. I was always seeking happiness but couldn't quite grasp it. 
And then my mom won an energetic healing session at the local holistic fair. She had such an amazing session that she bought me one. So I went. And it was awesome. My healer was talking about chakras and energy blocks and how to feel energy and my brain at that time couldn't really grasp it, it was a little too far out there but I knew I felt good, the best that I'd had in a long time! I felt lighter, clearer, and brighter! So I went back the next month and the next and the next.  I started working on negative thought patterns that kept me down. On my abandonment issues from childhood (that we all have no matter how well you grew up). And letting go of old, limiting beliefs and adopting new ones that made me happier.  By my 4th session I could feel the energy streaming from my heart. A nice warm glow of love. So much love, for myself and my life, I had experienced a re-connection to the soul of me. I actually started to love myself and I could feel it! I started really feeling my body and my heart guidance. I was working with my feelings instead of only my head. 
You see, Our bodies are these amazing containers that give us information and feedback all the time but most don't or can't listen because the energetic body is barely functioning and our intuition is turned off. 
I felt so amazing that I approached my energy healer and asked if it was possible to learn what he did.  Of course! He said. Over the next year and a 1/2 I received all the attunements needed to become a Reiki master. All the while deepening my intuition and practicing the work with myself and others.   
It is my Passion to assist others with a re-connection to their heart, their bodies and their feelings. Assisting them with maintaining balance and clarity in their energetic fields.  It is so rewarding to live authentically and with integrity to your true feelings.  I continue to get monthly sessions. I've learned to flow with change. My intuition keeps deepening and I keep growing. As soon as you feel that you've grabbed something it's already changing. Growth is a never ending process, especially of the metaphysical. I am an example of the success of my work and it is my joy to facilitate this for others. Humanity is so disconnected from their true selves. That is why I am inspired to do what I do.  Everyone deserves to feel connected and happy. Truly, truly happy. We are a culture taught to not love ourselves as we are. 
But this self love bit?  It is so, so important.  And it takes work to love yourself, to re-pattern the brain, to direct loving thoughts to yourself be aware of your actions and reactions.  Believe me, I know.  I'm still working on it but I know I've done a fine job so far. Getting regular energy work really gives you an edge to truly make lasting change in your life.  It's about letting go of the self judgment and accepting and loving yourself as you are right now in the present moment. Giving yourself permission to accept all that you are because you are perfect in every way, right now. 
We are so accustomed to looking outside of ourselves for love, validation, acceptance and while it's nice to receive that it doesn't last long because it's also an inside job. Energy work assists you in turning inward and creating a life that you truly love. It also has multiple health benefits which science is finally looking into. And it really does assist you with getting present in your life. Really, really present.  
For as long as I can remember I have always over empathized with others troubles and hardships to the point that I would sacrifice my own happiness. I have always been what people call a "sensitive person" with a lot of that rescuer/fixer energy. But the truth is I just never learned how to properly utilize my gifts. But I've learned to use them constructively now and I have found a calling that truly resonates with me.  It's just a bonus that I have a gift for it.  
Through my experience I can fully assist others in their choice to live a heart centered life.