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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

           Most don't realize that we have a whole energetic body that goes along with the physical body.  We are so busy with our physical~ness that we forget that it is equally important to maintain a clear and balanced energy field.
This creates more balance, clarity, and health in our everyday lives...
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 Healing, Clearing, & Balancing with Sound Alchemy


In this session I connect with your unique soul signature and spiritual guidance team.  I am intuitively guided on what needs to be cleared, balanced, released and brought into the highest alignment within you. This is similar to a Reike session but with Sooo much more involved. I also create a monthly recording of the crystal alchemy bowls at the beginning of each month that support the current energies.   I provide the recording to my clients to listen to during their session.  The recording of the bowls is also sent to them to listen to through out the month for further support and aligning.  Each session is very unique to the individual with a permanent basis of chakra, meridian, and energetic field clearing and aligning. Other common things that can happen during a session is DNA activation, upgrades, downloads, cord-cutting, soul retrieval and past life healing to name a few. You will also receive the I AM activation that I uniquely offer. This session usually lasts 1 hour and can be done in person in Sun Valley Idaho or remotely.  If you choose a remote session, a 15 minute follow-up call is included once the session is complete.  For more info on how to prepare for your remote session  please click on the Remote Session Info tab at the top of the page.

I understand that for many the price above might be to much for your current financial circumstances.  For this, I also offer sliding scale payment options.  Please reach out to discuss a payment more suited for your needs. 

I have a very close connection to the healing energy of the Crystals.  A personalized grid is created and utilized in every session.   
Andara Crystal Glass also assists in some sessions.


Mini Alignment session 


This session targets and starts directly in the heart.  In this activation we magnetize, open and expand the heart to allow more of your soul-fullness to come through.  I will be guiding source energy through-out your body while expanding and activating your crown and third-eye chakras.  We'll be bringing you back into total alignment with your unique soul blueprint.  Based on where I'm guided, other activations or aligning may also be done at this time. This session usually lasts 20 minutes and is done remotely.  Included is a 15 minute follow-up call immediately afterwards to go over your session.  

Children & Young Adults

A lot of children are misunderstood in this day and age. They don't "fit in".  They're sensitive, hyper, different and they don't thrive in a lot of the traditional settings.  The fact of the matter is, these children are being born with their hearts wide open and intact, already knowing and listening to their own soul guidance.  These are the new Hu-mans and we need to support them with love and acceptance while giving them the support they need to to be themselves wholly.  Honoring them and the experiences they're choosing to have with loving, supportive guidance.  If you and your child are experiencing difficulty then I may be able to help.  I have a connection and an understanding of the children.  I would LOVE to assist you and your child.  There will be a follow up call afterwards to discuss the session(s) and an offering of intuitive guidance to assist in the future thriving of you and your child.  

Infants - 2years  $35

3 - 11 years    $55

Teens 12 - 18 years.   $75

These can be done remotely or in person in the Sun Valley Idaho area.  Please call to set up this appointment.