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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

Bio Chi Pendants

Om Pendant


Bio Chi Pendants are made from lava and an ionic powder using a nano laser technology to fuze the crystal/mineral mixture through intense heat and create a new kind of stone with stellar ionic healing properties. During this process the lave stone is also recast into dazzleing/activating designs. The Shumann Resonance(Gaia's frequency) is used in this process to seal in the vibration of Earth causing a grounding effect on our minds and bodies. The Bio Chi Pendant enhances the subtle electric field of our bodies by generating an abundance of electrically charged ions which is the natural way Earth charges our bodies. However, since we are so far removed from her with our roads, cities, technology and pollution we our often suffering from this loss of connection. Bio Chi Pendants are a super condensed and concentrated form of energy from our mother which restores your connection to her and nature.

You have three choices to choose from. The Flower of Life, The Angel and the OM. All Pendants come with the Shekinah Symbol on the back.


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