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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

Crystal Alchemy Sound Session with Cacao 

An offering of 2 - 3 meditations per month will be given at different venues in the Sun Valley and Boise area.  

If you would like to receive updates on the next Sound Session please go to the contact page and send me an email simply titled Sound info.  

If you would like to schedule a session with the bowls in your home, a yoga class, or for an event in Sun Valley or surrounding areas, please call 208-309-2323.  

Love and Blessings, Bridgette

Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are made from pure quartz crystal with differing precious gems ground up and then melted into a bowl like shape, giving them Multiple healing properties.  These bowls, when played, emit a very high, very beautiful, soothing frequency of sound that is able to permeate every cell in your physical and energetic bodies.  This combined with my expertise on energy work provides a clearing and balancing of your chakras, energetic field and meridians that run thru your physical body.. 

Each bowl is truly unique in the sound and multiple healing properties that they offer. 

Basic Instructions for getting the most out of your Sound Bathe

These sessions are so relaxing to mind, body and spirit that you can't help but notice the shift in your consciousness and the lightness in your step upon leaving.

~ Bring a yoga mat, blanket & pillow if you prefer.  It's best to lie down to get the full experience.  The cozier the better! An early arrival of 5-10 min will give you plenty of time to set your space.    

~ Be Prepared to relax!  This is your special time to let go and let the sound carry you away on an ocean of bliss.

~ Each person will have an experience very unique to their Self.  This is an Energetic Healing Session.  Some may experience very slight discomfort in their physical bodies as energetic blocks are worries.  All you need to do is remember to breathe and let them go.  Same thing with thoughts that got you going round in circles.  Just be aware and let the bowls take them away. .

~ Asking for a Love Exchange of $20-$30 for this amazing experience.