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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

Some helpful tips on being prepared for your remote session....  

Instructions will also be sent via email 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.


~About 10 to 15 prior to your scheduled time I suggest laying down in a comfortable, quiet place with no distractions. Same as if you were laying down to meditate.  Some nice, relaxing music may help with this.  The session will start at the scheduled time.


~ Set the intention of opening and receiving this energetic transmission.

~Start with some deep breathing with your hand on your heart.

~Say  "I Unconditionally love and forgive myself"  


~ If you notice any discomfort in your body during this transmission, just know that it is blocked energy leaving, Breathe, and let it go. (-:

~In the beginning of a session the mind can get a little busy, just relax and breathe.  A lot of those thoughts come to the surface to be released.  Be aware and let them just float on by.  The mind will calm down.  If your having a difficult time relaxing, try focusing on the sensations going on in the body instead.  The same with old emotions, as they rise to the surface all you need is to become aware, feel, and let them go.  Some people fall asleep and this is totally O.K.  Sessions usually last 1 hour.

~If you have any crystal babies of your own wanting to join in... Awe~some! 

and last but not least.....

~ Enjoy the experience!   

After the session a text message with a picture of your personalized crystal grid will be sent letting you know of the completion. For those out of the country messenger or Skype will be set up prior to your session. There is an additional time frame of 30 minutes available after for allowance of the call. If you miss this we can catch up at a later time that works for both of us. When you are up and ready we will have a nice chat!