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Bridgette Aldrich

Re-storative Energetic Healing

 Client Special ~ Maintenance at it's best!

$50 off when you purchase 3!

The longer that I am on this beautiful, expansive, ever unfolding journey of mine the more  I realize just how important regular energy work is.  I know this because I have received regular session work myself for the last 6 years and the effects of it have been A~mazing!  
Most tend to go to a healer when they're going thru a tragedy of sorts or out of medical options, but what if we started looking at it a different way?  What if we looked at it the same way we look at the care of our physical bodies?   
We maintain our physical bodies by eating healthy and exercising.  We maintain the brain by trying to keep a positive outlook but do we equally maintain our energetic and emotional bodies?  
In my opinion (from research, experience and working with clients) our energetic bodies make up 50% if not More of who we are!  When it's clogged up and shut down we experience more ailments that stick around longer then they should.  
Some examples are ~ negative thinking, self sabotaging behavior, dis-ease, depression, stress, anger and anxiety. 
Our world is going thru quite a bit these days that can easily trigger all of the above but clearing work can really assist you with naturally navigating these choppy waters that we call life.  
We are made of pure energy, everything is.  So why wouldn't we maintain and clear it?  
From what I've seen and experienced from working with others and my own personal journey is a huge shut down in the energetic bodies.  I've even seen this in those who are considered or consider themselves  "spiritually" advanced beings.  What this means is that the energetic field is completely contracted with most, if not all, of the energetic centers (chakras) completely turned inward and shut down in protection.   
Which leaves us with what?  
A human body suit that is not fully functioning!  
You can train the brain to think and believe anything you want but if you really want to see lasting changes without a quick fix pill, you should try including regular energy work in your self-care practice.  
Regular clearing work assists with really embodying the changes you wish to make in your life.  It opens you up to your natural tools and intuition while assisting you with changing self-sabotaging, unconscious patterns with more ease and more grace. 
 Now what if you've done a lot of that inner work already?  I say awesome!  Our evolution never stops so how about experiencing a whole, open and clear energetic field on top of that?  
Now this won't happen overnight,  but with dedication to your own well being, happiness and health you should start noticing the effects after just 3 sessions.  
I did, and this is why I have decided to offer this special.  
As with any holistic practice you should give it a good 3 months of dedication and an open mind to see if it's going to work for you.     
Science and metaphysics alike now recognizes the subtle energy field that surrounds all beings, isn't it time we start taking care of it?   

For those who are called, I look forward to working with you.

All my love, 

Ready to feel better?  Then this truly is an amazing gift to give yourself. 
Offering in-person and remote sessions.
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